Governments have the responsibility of directing their efforts within budgets to goals set by their plans within a dynamic environment. They need to be agile in their operations and take effective decisions based on changing scenario and current priorities.

Any decision taken by the government touches the life of a community: be it business or citizen or resident. It is very important for governments to engage in a two-way communication with this community. Customers of government services have higher expectations that that is what is in reality. The governments are steering their budgets into projects that enhance their performance in general and communications in particular through the use of modern technologies. Websites, emails, SMS services, Interactive-Voice-Response systems, toll-free lines, online community engagement in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc are some of their delivery channels as well as interactive conduit.



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The decision to proceed with outsourcing comes from strategic managements. Companies use strategic management to define set of decisions and action that result in the formulation and implementation of plans designed to achieve company’s objectives. One of the decisions can be outsourcing.

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