The article discuss the evolving developing process in Web sites and how the best practice in manufacturing industry such as lean / agile methods used in software development. There are different methods to develop an application, AD-HOC  being one of them.


 It is fast and good for small application. For big project where cost, schedule and sponsorship are essential the AD-HOC method falls short. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)  is used in more formal and rigid.  In SDLC method, first feasibility study by business and developing team to make sure the project worth to develop or not. Once the team is convinced the project worth development, the project moves to second phase design. The design phase goes more details to understand the project and it requirements. All requirements are documented and clearly defined. The third phase is developing phase. In this phase the developer build the application as per the design documents.

Once this phase is finished, the implementation phase starts. In this phase the project will rollout and given to the user to used it. The final phase is the close phase were the project will finish and to move to maintenance mode. The SDLC method is rigid and systematic. It is very important the user knows his requirement. The whole development is based on the phase one where gathering information happens. If there is change in requirement it will be hard to go back. To solve this type of problem there is another method called Rapid Prototyping. In this method the user will see in advance what he is going to get when the project finish. He can put his comments while the development is going on. This approach will lead to develop fast and accurate application. 

The last method is Lean/ Agile method. It used to produce large and complex applications. The development of such applications needs large team. To control and manage such team, the best practices in manufacturing industry are used to develop software. The lean approach in manufacturing industry is based on build only what you need, get rid of anything does not add value and stop if something goes wrong. The agile concept in software development is derived from lean approach. In agile method a team is setup to work together and empowered. The team is self organized and communicate directly with the user. Using agile method in developing application will reduce cost, speed development and improved quality of applications.In AD-HOC the developer discusses requirements with stockholder and develops the application. There are no formalities and planning. 

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