Telecommunication industry changed in the last 50 years. The driving forces are government regulation, customers, technology and innovation. The government regulation is to ensure good pricing, fair competition and good service for the customer. In Oman, we had only one company to provide mobile communications service.  The tariff was high and the service was bad. Government created Telecommunication Regularity Authority TRA to overcome these issues. The  TRA mission as per their website( to set up and implement a fair, flexible, efficient telecommunications regulatory framework that will develop the industry through a market-driven environment, ensure accessibility of all kinds of services within limits to all, and balance the interests of all stakeholders.

The other driving forces behind telecommunication industry change are customers, technology and innovation.

Customers’ needs and behaviors plays very important role in driving the changes.  For example, young generations want to use their mobile devises as walkman. The mobile companies provide service to download songs, play movies and store photos in mobile.  In addition, customers demand better service. Such requirements forces telecom companies improve their service or they will lose the customer.

Technology is anther reasons for telecommunication industry to change.  A good example is IP phone. It is mirage between two technology data and voice.  Companies forced to adapt this change or they will lose their market shares.

The third reason is innovation.  New product creates new business and new customers. The telecommunication industry has to change to adapt new requirements.



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